Dick Perryman District Attourny
   (Cook County office)

 Albert H. Tester, SR Assistant District Attorney (Berrien County office)

 Ann Pickett, Assistant District Attorney (Berrien County office)

 Robby Rogers, Assistant District Attorney, VAWA (Berrien County office)

  Atkinson, Berrien, Clinch, Cook and Lanier counties

 Kimberly Whiddon Schwalls, Assistant District Attorney (Cook County office)

  Cook and Atkinson Counties

 Mel Ricks, Investigator (Berrien County office)

 Connie Murphy, Administrative Assistant to DA (Berrien County office)

 Sarah Surratt, Victim Advocate Program (Berrien County office)

 JoShannon Dickson, Victim Advocate (Cook County office)

  Cook and Lanier Counties

 Jaclyn James, Victim Advocate (Atkinson County office)

   Atkinson and Clinch Counties
 Cam Newmans, Victim Advocate (Berrien County office)

 Berrien County

 Bernice Wilkerson, Administrative Assistant (Berrien County office)

 Doreen Bennett, Administrative Assistant (Cook County office)

 Linda Barks, Administrative Assistant (Cook County office)

 Kimberly Jo Welch, Administrative Assistant (Atkinson County office)
DA'S Office Staff:
The District Attorney's office handles cases for the Alapha Judicial Circuit and prosecutes all felony and misdemeanor offenses in the Superior courts in that Judicial Circuit, composed of Atkinson, Berrien, Clinch,Cook, and Lanier Counties. The main juvenitle offices are located in Nashville, Berrien County, Georgia, with related offices located in four other counties of the judicial circuit.
District Attorney
Dick Perryman
Atkinson, Berrien, Clinch, Cook, & Lanier Counties
              Dick Perryman
           District Attorney